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Doug Rapp

Doug Rapp, Vice President of Cybersecurity/CISO | Eleven Fifty Academy

Douglas Rapp, CISM is a cybersecurity catalyst. Throughout his career, you will find him squarely at the center of countless firsts. These include writing the first State level cyber incident response plan, leading the Crit-Ex National Exercise, establishing the Region 5 Cyber Protection Team, and establishing Indiana’s first Cyber Working Group which later evolved into both the Indiana Cybersecurity Executive Council and his founding of the Cyber Leadership Alliance. Doug has served as the Advisor to the State of Indiana for Cybersecurity and authored Indiana’s Cybersecurity Economic Development Plan. He has started, scaled, and pivoted cybersecurity businesses and served as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Purdue University. Doug is a published author, international speaker, and has testified before Congress on cybersecurity workforce development. A decorated combat Veteran, his greatest accomplishment is having been trusted with America’s sons and daughters.