Mat Gangwer

As Chief Technology Officer for Rook Security, Mat Gangwer develops proprietary security operations management technology for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 firms to fast-growing startups. Mat’s ultimate goal is to build smarter ways to protect organizations and individuals from the rising threat of digital attackers. To that end, his focus is on inventing ways for machine learning and automation to give human security analysts an edge against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.


Mat is frequently quoted in major leading media outlets on network and application security architecture, incident response, and emerging practices in cloud security and IoT. He has a degree in computer information technology from Purdue University.


In 2018, Mat was named a finalist for “Rising Star” as part of TechPoint's 19th annual Mira Awards. He has also received the TechPoint Tech 25 Award honoring exceptional performers helping to grow Indiana's tech community.