Kevin L Mabry

What began as a desire for electronics and computers in 1979 eventually evolved in the formation of his business in 1999 out of Kevin Mabry’s living room.  That same year, he sought after an AAS in Electronics at Ivy Tech Community College with the hopes of helping others with their electronic gadgets.  As the president and CEO of Sentree Systems Corporation, Mr. Mabry is responsible for day to day operations of the overall health of the company, and the vision and the direction it takes.  He is also the face of the business and is very active when it comes to Data Security speaking engagements with local associations like the Indiana State Bar Association, Indiana CPA Society, Indiana SBA, networking events and hosting booths at various events.

“My very first computer was actually built for a family member,” Mr. Mabry said.  “Most of my family and friends, however, did not have a desire to know anything about electronics or computers, so I wanted to learn to help them figure things out and help them make better decisions on what computer to buy.  That was my inspiration for the industry.”

Once Mr. Mabry dove into his business, he truly began to understand the need that small businesses had in getting better information for their technology needs.  Most managed service companies like his tend to focus mostly on the larger of the small businesses and either leave the small businesses for someone else or give them less attention.  Mr. Mabry believes, however, they need just as much attention as the larger companies, if not more, because they are the majority of businesses in the US.

Later pursuing his Bachelor’s in Business Information Systems and his MBA in Business at Indiana Wesleyan University, Mr. Mabry continues to push himself, and he credits his strong spiritual foundation and family for his strength in doing so.  Kevin is the author of his first book titled “The #1 Risk to Small Businesses…and How to Minimize it”. It was written with the thought in mind to help education small businesses that they need a better understanding of how they fit into the big picture of cyber security.  Mr. Mabry is also an active member of the American Bar Association, actively works with the Indiana State Bar Association, CompTia, and Microsoft Partners.

Sentree Systems Corporation is the recipient of the Security TrustMark award from CompTia, a well-known award in his field of expertise.  This achievement will certainly put Mr. Mabry’s company at a higher level of prestige in the data security arena and give his business the status they need to become a trusted advisor in cyber and network security.

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