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Since 2014, Cybertech has been the cyber industry’s foremost networking platform, conducting industry-related events all around the globe. In Tel Aviv, New York, Rome Dubai, Tokyo and more, Cybertech’s conferences and exhibitions serve as the go-to place to make business happen and learn all about the latest technological innovations, challenges, and solutions. 

Cybertech Midwest 2022: Between opportunities and vulnerabilities

Among the many ways it has reshaped our lives, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation, forever altering the way we work, learn, shop, pay, and generally interact with the world. 

Yet new opportunities bring with them new challenges. The massive shift towards remote-based activities has created fertile ground for malicious threat actors eager to exploit Zero-Day vulnerabilities, the human factor, and other weaknesses in organizations that no longer enjoy OnPrem protection. 

Supply chain attacks, which are wreaking havoc on critical industries and infrastructure worldwide, were expected to increase four-fold in 2021 in comparison with the previous year. Ransomware payments, which topped $400 million globally in 2020, crossed the $81 million mark in the first quarter of 2021 alone. On an individual level, almost all of us have experienced at least one phishing attack, email hack, or privacy breach attempt.  

Following a highly successful 2nd edition in 2019, Cybertech Midwest will return to Indianapolis on July 20-21, 2022, to discuss this new, fascinating, and multi-faceted world. A central meeting point for the global cyber ecosystem, the conference will feature top-notch speakers including senior government officials, C-level executives, and industry trailblazers from Europe and around the world.