Themes and Special Topics

Here are some of the main themes special topics for Cybertech Midwest 2021: 

The 5G Golden Era \\ IoT has revolutionized the communications industry and it will continue to do so in the coming years, with the projection of an average of 6-7 connected devices per person by 2021. The rise of 5G is expected to lead to more sophisticated devices and a wider range of services, drastically changing the reach of IoT and fundamentally changing the communications industry.  The 5G revolution makes cybersecurity more relevant to communications than ever. This special event, will explore compliance with new 5G regulations and protocols, as well as the cyber threats and opportunities that come with it.

The New Age of Biometrics: A Double-Edged Sword? \\ With the rapid pace of technological innovation and scientific development in the field of biometrics, what does the responsible use of, collection, storage and sharing of biometric data look like? This session will Introduce the main elements of biometric technology and identity management and cover the governance and regulatory requirements for biometric technology from data-protection to the right to privacy. It will explore potential vulnerabilities of biometric systems and some of the control measures that can be used to mitigate the risks and assess vulnerabilities.  Join the discussion on the developments, opportunities and challenges in the field of biometrics. This special session is in partnership with UN Office of Counter-Terrorism.

Elections and Cyber \\ Elections are a pillar of democracy and have always been expected to be open, fair and free. Political parties and election processes themselves are increasingly vulnerable to local and foreign hacking. As technology evolves and is adopted by different actors, the risks increase. This prudent session will analyze the cyber challenges affecting elections and will provide examples of protocols and initiatives established by countries around the world in order to mitigate cyber challenges threatening elections.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning \\ AI is vital to organizations’ cyber security defenses. One the one hand, AI helps organizations respond more quickly to breaches, it works around the clock and can process large amounts of data to help make better informed choices. On the other hand, AI can be used by both defenders and attackers, it can be expensive and AI-based solutions can require more training. This session will cover all the opportunities and challenges AI and Machine Learning have to offer. 

Cybersecurity from a Business Perspective \\ Spending on cybersecurity budgets continue to increase. Not only are major corporations dedicating sizable portions of their budget towards securing their organization, but small and mid-sized enterprises are as well. Federal, state, and local government leadership is investing in cybersecurity too. Does your organization have an appropriate security budget? Is your organization empowering its CISO by providing necessary financial and human capital to be successful?

Special Seminar:  Smart and Secured Cities \\ Cities around the world are deploying new technologies to improve lives and efficiency. These technologies are changing the way we deal with waste management, street lighting, public transit, parking and more. But what does it take to secure these cities and make sure this new infrastructure is safe from cyber-attacks and data breaches? How do we mitigate these new vulnerabilities and security concerns?