Craig Moringiello

Chief Operating Officer, Hoplite Consulting

Craig Moringiello is the Chief Operating Officer of Hoplite Consulting, a cybersecurity firm based out of Indianapolis. Craig retired from the FBI after serving 20 years in law enforcement specializing in cybersecurity investigations, insider threat cases, and intellectual property theft with assignments in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, and Phoenix. He also served at FBI and CIA Headquarters in national security program management positions. During his career, he was responsible for many high-profile investigations and held different executive management roles, including leading the Cyber, Counterintelligence and Technical programs in Arizona and the Counterintelligence and Crisis Negotiation programs in Indiana. He strongly believes in educating private, public, and academic organizations on best practices to protect their data from cyber and human enabled theft. Craig is a graduate from the United States Naval Academy and served for 10 years as a Naval Flight Officer. He has a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Science and possesses a CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Leadership from Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute.